Harry Potter? No, Panther Moderns!

Scientist invents Harry Potter invisibility cloak got posted to a mailing list I’m on. My response was:

Harry Potter my ass. That’s a Panther Moderns Chameleon Suit!

<tidbit src=”Neuromancer” author=”William Gibson” pubdate=”1984″>

“Go,” he said. The Hosaka had accessed its array of libraries, journals, and news services. The precis began with a long hold on a color still that Case at first assumed was a collage of some kind, a boy’s face snipped from another image and glued to a photograph of a paint-scrawled wall. Dark eyes, epicanthic folds obviously the result of surgery, an angry dusting of acne across pale narrow cheeks. The Hosaka released the freeze; the boy moved, flowing with the sinister grace of a mime pretending to be a jungle predator. His body was nearly invisible, an abstract pattern approximating the scribbled brickwork sliding smoothly across his tight one piece. Mimetic polycarbon.


And here and now it is slowly coming to pass.

Welcome to the future.

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