Schnikes! No Blogging In Several Days!

Here’s a brief update:

  • My new job is going well.
  • My car is more on the fritz, this is bad.
  • But luckily, in my new job I’ve been taking the bus to work!
  • Over the weekend L. and I snuck Rubio’s into a movie.
  • That movie was Shanghai Knights.
  • Shanghai Knights could not possibly be more historically inaccurate.
  • Shanghai Knights is a whole lot of fun.
  • I’m getting immersion in new features in ColdFusion MX.
  • Friday when I faxed my timesheet to the contracting company, it didn’t go through.
  • Monday when it got faxed, it worked. And the company has a nice automated service line I can check my hours and paycheck information with. Nice!
  • I enjoy walking around downtown on my lunch hour!
  • I rode The Coaster the other day, but I did it wrong and got hassled by the man. Luckily, I know the rules now. They’re silly and complicated and their vending machine is no help.
  • I’ve been enjoying Cherry Coke lately.
  • I like playing UNO with Leah.
  • The Links page is doing great with some help from Anita.
  • I’m about to get my last unemployment check for a long while (hopefully forever?)
  • I am sporting a soul patch these days.
  • Current project I’m helping with:
  • My hair is getting long, and Leah’s roommate assures me I can use his Flow-Bee. I am not sure whether to be gratified or fearful. Perhaps “both” is the best answer.

Thank You! And Good Night!

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