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The Past Week In Review. In Bullet Points

  • I really like my new job. I am learning and teaching and DOING.
  • I am enjoying revisiting something from my teens: riding mass transit. I like being able to read and chill on the way to work.
  • I’m appreciating working standard office hours again, I start early in the morning. It keeps me occupied and happy. It reminds me of when I worked at ARCO in downtown L.A., but in a good way.
  • My car died this week. It’s a 14 year-old Toyota Corolla. It didn’t so much die as much as it is has gone lame. It rumbles in a bad way. Tonight I took it to the shop. I hope all it needs is some TLC and a tune-up.
  • Cashflow is a wonderful thing. I’m still in arrears but it’s all improving. Slowly. Surely. Slow. Steady. Wins. The. Clichés.
  • San Diego has become Los Angeles. It’s got a vibrant array of immigrants. It’s got better mass-transit. It’s got bohemian snotty kids. It’s got storied characters. It’s got hellacious traffic. It’s got wonderful stores featuring exotic materials from all over the world.
  • We are living in the future. There are tv screens on the gas pumps. There are tv screens inside cars. There are wireless networks all over the place. I use an encrypted connection to view my personal electronic message box from work. I am able to find directions to anywhere in the city by using a hypertext system. I am able to pay bills without ever writing a check or licking a stamp. I am able to ignore events around the world and focus on the intense media celebrityhood of my nation. I can get news from anywhere I want. I converse regularly with people I have never met and only know from their online electronical personas. This is the future.
  • I see Leah regularly. She remains a wonderful person to see and have adventures with.
  • I missed the racquetball on ESPN today. I forgot to tape it. This disappoints me. Of course I could buy it on DVD.
  • I am a terrible correspondent with many people. My Mom for one. Several other people for another. Time is so short though. But I need to get consistent about it. I want those who read this, but with whom I don’t speak regularly… to know I feel bad about it. I’m working on it. I feel people are more important than these diversions. But these diversions also sustain me. People are core. But passions are core too. How to reconcile these two? I have no idea.
  • I was taken to lunch by my staffing agency this week. I had a halibut steak. It was very tasty. I also had part of a rainbow roll (a sushi roll).
  • I am still badly in need of a haircut, but I will be fine I think.
  • It is an amazing life.
  • I am content though, even in this half-chaos.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to Los Angeles, to this thing called Live From The Blogosphere!. I think I’ll be able to sponge a place to stay with some electronic pals. Did you know that The Amtrak San Diegans are no longer called that? They’re now called Pacific Surfliners. That’s important.
  • I’m also going to play some racquetball. That should be good.
  • I’m also going to hang out with Leah and her kids and Leah’s pal Mickele. Adventures!
  • It’s a whirlwind life.
  • It’s a good life.
  • It’s a unique and it’s an American life. I sort of wish I was going to one of the protests this weekend.
  • I was moved this week by Senator Byrds’s comments in the Senate. Read his words here.

Onward to sleep!

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