Bound For the Blogosphere…

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Bound For the Blogosphere… So I’m on the San Diego train with my humble, falling apart laptop – about to leave for Los Angeles. Turn on my airport and WHAM! there’s a WiFi access point called TRAINDEPOT. No encryption.

I’m so pleased.

Bound for L.A. …

Go to the Permanent Link for this sub-entry. –7:29p Here we go. Live at the blogosphere event.

We’re gonna see whatsup with this.

Hanging with Dennis W and some other 405ers.

Still waiting for something to happen.

Big crowd. Nice turnout. Maybe 110 people?

It’s starting. A Rhizome person talking. xeni is being introduced.

We are being videotaped live, so says Xeni. There’s a wireless network here courtesy socalwug

Now Reverse Cowgirl’s blog girl is on. How we came to be here.Rationale for being here: “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Exciting new technology — a means to get people interacting.

I fear that my battery is going to go dead before I can finish this. Ev says he’s never been to L.A. before. Other intros of the panel members.

Just got a battery alert. This is not good. My old clamshell iBook is tired. I may have to do this analog. Ah well. Mark of BoingBoing is talking.

I’m going offline. Just asked about some AC power. No go. 🙁

So long, I’m going into the real world.

Bye for now.

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