Lessons About San Diego Transit

When it rains, more people seem to be on the bus. The buses I took to and from work today were packed. People who have to transfer rely on the timing of the buses, and as transit is different in the rain, people miss their connections, and get surly, and are on buses they did not expect to be on. Tonight it was standing room only. But what can you do? You make do of course!

It was funny though, one guy carped out loud “This is a safety hazard! How many people are you gonna fit on this bus!” — to which the bus driver (a woman in her early 30s maybe) piped back — “Why don’t you count?!” — she got chuckles from everyone else but carping man. He replied “There are too many people on this bus for more people!” — and the suggestion to this from our heroine bus driver was “Well you could get off” — the whole bus roared with laughter, and we let more people on. It was standing room only, but the buses are set up now with straps and poles that hang down so people can stand and hold on fine.

I really like the reaction of the bus driver. On reflection, her responses are probably the result of lots of complaining passengers, but I’m struck by the way laughter can defuse what could be a contentious situation. I’m pleased by my fellow San Diegan Commuters. It’s raining. It’s wet. Cold. Miserable. But people find a way to make the best of it. I think people were more polite than they usually are.

At lunch I went out — and it was sunny. I went and had a taco and tamale for lunch. Cheapo Mexican food. I enjoyed it. But when it was time to go back to work the rain had started back up. Bucketfulls. (or is it Buckets full?) It was pouring for my several-block walk. I of course neglected to bring my umbrella. I didn’t bring it out of some sense of hope that the weather had improved. Or perhaps forgetfulness. Anyway, several people nodded at me in commiseration as I did that hunched over trot that people do when they have no covering and have to walk in precipitation.

That’s the end of my rain and transit stories. Good night.

Oh, I will have a new entry on Words, a new radio thing, by the end of the day tomorrow. Don’t want to say where though. Don’t want to jinx it.

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