Some Quickies

Strictly speaking I don’t have any time to write, have to get ready for work. But i want to write some things quick-like.

The radio was really great. As opposed to the show on blogging, (see words)- there were only 2 guests instead of 3. This made more time my time. Also, there were many more call-in callers. They all had good questions, and made for good discussion.

The host, Tom Fudge, was quite a nice guy. Always nice to put faces with the voices on the radio, yes? Interestingly, he actually did look like his voice.

It went well, and I got some kind email afterwards from some folks who heard me. It makes me wonder if, say, anyone I haven’t seen in a long time heard it. Is that that Joe Crawford? Naaaah! Couldn’t be!

Leah drove me, as I have no functional car. She hung out in the green room while I did my thing. After, we went to the estimable D.Z. Akins and Leah had what she described as “the best grilled-cheese sandwich I’ve ever had in my life” — which she says is high praise. It was a nice victory meal.

I didn’t pre-publicize it. No. I didn’t want to skew it with call-ins from friends. I wanted to be Mr. Un-Hype for a change. It worked out, and people noticed anyway.

I like being on the radio. I would do it again, and I think I was good at it. Maybe this is a new career avenue? Geek-on-the-radio?

After all that, I worked half-day. I still got the skillz to pay tha billz.

Bused it home and chilled out. I finished reading Pattern Recognition. The latest Gibson. It was good. Dreamy, fun, current, plausible. Everything you want in a techno-thriller.

My back hurts a bit. Gonna take some Motrin.

Okay, gotta go to work!


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