Good Day, Good Lunch, Good Ness Let’s Eat

That title is meaningless. Today was good. Work was interesting. I get a sense that the job security where I am will be good for the near term. It had been indicated to me that the gig would be 2-3 months, but I’m reading tea leaves that indicate job security through October. This is a lovely thing altogether.

Had lunch with some excellent friends slash colleagues slash men (and one woman) about town in the web sphere. Great ideas and rants exchanged.

I’m thinking of starting a tech news blog for San Diego. It’ll be an alternative take. I may need contributors. Maybe make it slashdot style? No. I don’t want a giant forum. But it would be nice to have some interaction. Perhaps it would be good as a MovableType blog with comments? It can cover news and gossip in web dev (my favorite), biotech, wireless, and the like. Could be a fun diversion. If it sucks, we kill it. Simple enough!

No progress on the car. But soon.

I opened a bank account today. A local one for when I have to get into a bank. This is a good move. Practical.

Also, I think I’m gonna kill my land-line and get a mobile phone. It too would be a helpful thing. It’s time to join the 21st Century maybe.

Incidentally, I’m writing this from the Claire de Lune Coffeehouse. It’s a public net terminal. Gotta catch the bus soon. Or maybe get a ride.

Enough for now.

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