Lots to talk about. No time to say it.


And personally…

  • My mailing list has been wonky lately. Bad vibes. I hope it will improve. I’m working to speak my mind about what is civil and what is uncivil discourse. Challenging.
  • Work is going well. I learned about the RequestTimeout variable in ColdFusion. Essentially, if an action is going to take a long time, ColdFusion may time out and show an ugly error before it finishes. To obviate that happening, you can append to your url (in the case of a GET request, ?RequestTimeout=500 — which will give CF 500 seconds to finish. I need to learn more about these kind of situations – performance tuning of web applications in CF is a new part of my job. I like it.
  • I think I have this: a tooth abscess — I’m seeing a dentist tomorrow — a short notice appointment
  • There’s a party this weekend — Leah and her roommates are throwing a thing. I hope I’m up to it after the dentist.
  • Still in a holding pattern on the car.
  • Bill collectors have STOPPED CALLING. They love me again. How much you wanna bet they start sending me new cards again. VULTURES. sigh Of course, I got myself into this. So fun.
  • I’ve finished 3 books in the past week. I’m not telling which ones, ’cause I have a few more to finish, and then I hope to write some book reviews.
  • Birthday next week. 33 years old to be.
  • Anti-climactic?



(…my tooth aches)

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