Moms Rock (or rather, MY MOM ROCKS)

So today’s email from Mom says:

Goodmorning Sunshine and Happy Birthday! ! ! When you were born Dad had just left for war and now we are in another one.

Anyway, happy to hear that you are doing as well as expected. I offered up mass yesterday morning for a good operation and a very good recovery. Leah is taking excellent care of you, I can tell. I am most grateful to her.

Thanks Mom! ! ! Yeah. Things are good for me and my mouth. And I’m happy to have a new birthday gift of a whole new mouth. And I’ve gotten many messages of love and support from friends online and off. It feels good. And yes, I wish war were not happening. But this is life.


  • my mouth was numb all day, i sounded ridiculous
  • i’m trying to write down as much of this as possible for some kinda written piece
  • i did drink some water early on, difficult
  • i tried some mango juice – too tart
  • 7up is just right as a beverage – always has been a comfort beverage when i’ve been ill
  • vicodin, and taking it regularly is a good deal
  • i had no trouble sleeping at all last night, which is great
  • i can now use my mouth fine, and there’s no numbness involved — the doc told me there was risk of prolonged numbness in my jaw because apparently my lower jaw nerves are huge (prominent even on x-ray!) – but i have none of that
  • i can talk fine now – probably about 6pm (surgery +9 hours) I could talk fine
  • i had chocolate pudding and mashed bananas (with some kind of whey/protein thing from leah’s roommate mixed in, so i got *some* protein yesterday)
  • over the course of the day the bleeding on the sockets cleared up – initially it was pretty heavy – not a pleasant thing to put gauze in, and have bright red blood on there – but by the end of the day, that was clear


  • more taking it easy
  • some comic books and books
  • maybe some books on tape
  • leah will be working, and i will be bedresting
  • today’s big challenge will be dinner with mashed potatoes
  • and did i mention taking it easy?

i feel like i’m making excellent progress. also, the oral surgeon did a followup phone call last night – i thought that was pretty cool. if anyone in the san diego area needs a recommendation for an oral surgeon, i got one.

And speaking of caregivers, yes, Leah has been wonderful. Mashed me up bananas. What more could a boy ask for?

and the diagnosis is: ONWARD

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