Current Events

So what’s new with Joe? Lost in the aether? Lost in space? Lost in the public transit system of San Diego County somewhere?

Or maybe it’s D) NONE OF THE ABOVE

Things are pretty good, actually.

The non-sequitur-formatted update:

Yesterday I got a hug from my mother-in-law who was visiting from Miami

Yesterday I gave even more old photos and frames to my estranged wife

I’m glad we are still amicable

I still have not filed for divorce, but today I’m working on the papers

Procrastination is still a problem

Friday was a great day, my Grandma made me a carrot cake for my birthday

Friday I enjoyed fish and chips

I’m still enjoying the bus

I’m still not likely to get a bike

I have no room for a bike here, really

rudy and my aunt still think I should get a bike

I’m still seeing Leah

Leah is a great thing in my life

Work is good, still

There is more to tell in the work arena, but not in public

Saturday I played some great intense racquetball with an aunt and uncle

I’m behind in my reading

My roommate gave me an audiobook of The Tennis Partner some weeks ago, and I’m finally finishing it, and it is moving but depressing

Last week I bought some new pants, smaller than before

Still making progress on the size/weight front

I feel I’m in better health than I have been in perhaps 6 years

We went through the time change today, and I again wonder why we don’t simply leave things in Daylight Savings Time

The other night Leah and I did some sketching together, and it was really, calmly, quietly wonderful

Compared with last year at this time, I have 4 less teeth

Compared with last year, a higher percentage of my teeth are in good shape

I got a cell phone not long ago, and so far it’s been very useful

I’m loathe to give the number to lots of people though, as it is possible to abuse

Today my back aches, I think from the racquetball yesterday

I worry about the health of my roommate, and am still unsure of what I can possibly say or do to help, other to wish encouragement

For my birthday, Leah gave me a great stamp of my ArtLung logo, and today I have put it to good use in some paper correspondence

Today I’m organizing my backpack

Today my hair is uncombed

Today I am chilled out


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