Back From Root Canal, A Stream, Dada?

I feel ornery.
But not bad.
Only one moment of horrible pain.
They re-dosed me with the injected anesthetic at that point.
Work good this week. Good developments there lately. Slightly more job security in the temp role.
Deliberately vague about that, as usual.
Leah brought me home.
But first, we went to the North Park Farmer’s Market.
Snarfed up some hummus.
Some strawberries too.
I like that chick.
In news so huge I have no idea how to say it…
My roommate is in the hospital now.
Trouble with the discs in her back.
Terrible pain.
Makes my tooth pain seem trivial.
I wish her well.
It would once again be so nice to wave a magic wand and remove all suffering. Alas.

This is not the way things work.

Please, have a thought for those out there in pain and turmoil.

Some of us are lucky and only have a little pain.
Many have so much pain it’s overwhelming.

This was stream-of-consciousness.

And yes, I’m behind on email.

I’m ornery, but I’ll get over it.

and again I say… *Onward*

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