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I had a great weekend.

I got to hear David Brin speak at an author’s event Leah took me to. He was smart and relatively articulate. I think he was speaking off-the-cuff. Some great ideas, but a bit unfocused. I suspect when polished it would be a great talk.

I went to a Writer’s Monthly.us event, also very nice.

I played racquetball on Saturday, and did well. I’m stuck weight-loss wise — backslidin’ a bit dietarily. I’m reclaiming the eye-of-the-tiger as of day-before-yesterday.

Leah and I continue to have a great time together. Tonight we’re going to go see the sequel to the Matrix. Everyone seems to be saying it’s disappointing, but it’s de rigueur to see it. So that’s the plan.

Today I attempted to shop for sunglasses downtown while taking a long walk. I like to make excuses to take long walks downtown. Sometime’s it’s a haircut. Sometimes it’s to take a photo or two. Anything to keep moving, you know?

My roommate has had nothing but drama. She will have back surgery tomorrow. I’m hopeful that it will be a good and useful and health-promoting thing! Wish Erin well!

And that’s the news. In brief.

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