Comic-Con To Go!

So today is Comic-Con. I’m leaving real soon, and it should be rad.

You can talk about it over on San Diego Blog if ya want.

I see my favorite comics blog, The Comics Journal’s Journalista! is taking a hiatus while Con is on. That site (Journlista I mean) keeps up with comics news better than anybody. As an addition, it has COMPREHENSIVE (all caps) links out to great comics blogs, news sites, message boards, and individual people in comics with blogs. Rad!

I don’t read him, but Wil Weaton is going, I was turned onto this fact by a Shawn of Textamerica.

TextAmerica, incidentally, has set up a San Diego Comic-Con Moblog — whether and how much it will be used, I have no idea. I don’t (yet) have a mobile camera. But I dig the concept like crazy.

I’m going to the con with zero expectations. I’ve only glanced at the program, and will decide what to see when I get there.

It’s possible I’ll see some people I know, notably Kynn, Daniel. Now that I have a cell phone that coordination will be much easier. You can call my regular number — 619-516-4550 and leave a message if you want me to call you back on my cell. Just in case you’re interested in getting together at Con this weekend.

One other thing, I won’t be attending Saturday, as far as I know. I have a big beach party to go to. Well, I may attend late in the day, but no guarantees.

Otherewise, I should be there for maximum time today, Friday, and Sunday.

In other news, Leah and I think we found a nice place to live last night. Won’t be till mid-August. But it feels good to have a first and second choice.

Okay, off to Con! Geek out!

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