Summer 2003 / San Diego California

Things I Have Learned At San Diego Comic-Con So Far

Lynne Naylor makes some spiffy cute girly art.

Dean Yeagle is an older fellow who does some great work as well.

The Mighty Heroes is the name of the cartoon featuring a bunch of peculiar goofy super-heories I remember as a kid.

TwoMorrows Publishing does a nice job with their books (like Mark Evanier’s collected columns) and magazines (especially Comic Book Artist). I picked up The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore, which is good so far.

This book: Concept Design, is impressive but prohibitively expensive (to me). It reminds me of Syd Mead, pioneering visual futurist, but it’s by multiple artists.

Bud Plant Comic Art rocks.

SQP sells lots of pinup art.

Comic Book: The Movie looks wild. (But not in a Girls Gone Wild way)

PMBQ studios does some really cute and appealing anime.

I saw a line of pinups signed “Baron” — turns out these large (paintings? prints? posters?) were by one Baron van Lind. They’re in an older style, and seem almost pre-aged to me. — these guys are NUTS! The obsessive level of craftsmanship and detail mark these guys as masters of welded sculpture. They have an amazing one of a battle droid.

I’ll have more to say about the very talented and very nice Ronny Vardy

R Stevens, of Diesel Sweeties, too.

I watched some footage (abut 5 whole minutes) of a CG Appleseed movie that looked really cool. All action, mind you, but it looked great.

That was Thursday and Friday. More today. Yesterday was BEACH PARTY DAY with my family. It rocked. But Leah got sunburned (or is that spelled sunburnt)… oh, either spelling is okay. (sunburnt | sunburned)

Up up and away!



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