Ronny Vardy

I’m going hiking early in the morning, so I’ll try and keep this brief.

For the last several years, when one did a search for “ronny vardy” on google, like this, you got my fansite:, well, now that she has her own site at, you really should go there!

I met her on Friday. I had seen her work at comic-con before. I saw when she had shirts made by Hot Topic. I’ve followed her work around the net, all of which got posted to my fansite, but now I really do think, her official site should be the number one link!

I was intimidated to meet her. Here’s this person whose work I have admired for years now, and I have the #1 hit for her name, and I beat out her site in the search results. I told her this and her response was you’re that artlung guy!, which I thought was really cool. She extended her hand and we shook hands. I bought a print and a girl-t-shirt from her and we chatted a bit. I’m really excited that she’s on the net with her site, and wish her only the best! I think her work displays great artistry, a sense of humor, and a fun sexiness, which is why I felt the need to put up a site in the first place. I mean, here’s this great artist, but she has almost ZERO profile on the net! Well, she belongs here on the net, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her great work!

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