The outer edges of my music collection

Still importing tonight. Latest imports include Digable Planets, Neneh Cherry, Motorhead, Mono Puff, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, more Tom Waits, and a lot of Mighty Might Bosstones.

Good day today. Productive work. I went to a used bookstore today and appreciated some old books on typography. Wandering and enjoying the phenomenon of downtown San Diego.

I’m thinking about a post for San Diego Blog – a nostalgia piece. Still not sure what shape that blog is taking. But that’s cool. What’s the hurry?

Next week: moving starts and continues through the end of the month.

Next week, is glomming onto the webdesign meetup. It’s gaining a lot of members. We’re (San Diego is)#5 worldwide. I want to do something interesting. Ideas percolating for something interesting. We’ll see if the idea germinates or remains a seed.

Things aren’t bad all in all.

More later this weekend.

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