Summer 2003 / San Diego California

The outer edges of my music collection

Still importing tonight. Latest imports include Digable Planets, Neneh Cherry, Motorhead, Mono Puff, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, more Tom Waits, and a lot of Mighty Might Bosstones.

Good day today. Productive work. I went to a used bookstore today and appreciated some old books on typography. Wandering and enjoying the phenomenon of downtown San Diego.

I’m thinking about a post for San Diego Blog – a nostalgia piece. Still not sure what shape that blog is taking. But that’s cool. What’s the hurry?

Next week: moving starts and continues through the end of the month.

Next week, is glomming onto the webdesign meetup. It’s gaining a lot of members. We’re (San Diego is)#5 worldwide. I want to do something interesting. Ideas percolating for something interesting. We’ll see if the idea germinates or remains a seed.

Things aren’t bad all in all.

More later this weekend.

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What else did he post in August 2003?

(Friday August 8th 2003 at 8:02pm)

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