Archaeology – Comic Con Stuff; And More

More stuff going to the trash and filling our landfills while perpetuating our throwaway culture…

Comcollect: non-sports card collecting site… I have a few cards.

There’s a movie now filming in Prague, Rome, Paris, and Los Angeles called Van Helsing and it features The Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein’s Monster.

Sharon George is an artist of fantasy / “goddess” art, not my taste, but she’s got a killer domain name — she got

Kinokuniya is a worldwide book chain, and there’s one in Little Tokyo. They also sell anime and manga. That’s why they were at Con.

I forgot TwoMorrows Publishing, they’re still cool.

CafePress was there.

And a new similar service — they do full color or black and white books —

Seonna Hong is a cool playful illustrator.

Hey, I forgot about the blood drive! was there!
Hey, Astro Boy is coming to Kids WB this fall.

Curtis Broadway is an interesting illustrator.

SharkSlayer is a new animated movie with a bizarre cast (Ziggy Marley, Will Smith, Peter Falk, and others?) coming in Fall of 2004.

Attack of The Killer Tomatoes is coming to DVD this month. Supposedly on Rhino Home Video.

Neopets are huge. Supposedly there’s a new magazine dedicated to them:

Another 2004 movie Shrek 2.

I don’t want to, but I almost feel I must, ridicule The San Diego Star Wars Society.

And another interesting illustrator, Tim Biskup.

An interesting Orange, California corsetry shop was there: Ms. Antoinette’s Versatile Fashions.

Seattle is working on a new museum: Experience Science Fiction : ESF opens in Summer of 2004, and on the board: ArtLung favorite Neal Stephenson, among other luminaries.

The Java Girl comic looks truly inane.

Bill Cole Enterprises makes great comic boxes and bags.

Eovia makes software like VectorStyle, which exports to Flash and 3-D vector, and Carrara 2, for web print and video. Their stuff is for both Windows and Macintosh.

XXXTremeStickers makes, extreme stickers featuring scantily (sometimes less than scantily) clad women. It’s essentially pornographic in nature, and I found myself wondering how it was different from, say Sorayama or Olivia or Vargas. And I think the difference is that it just feels different to me. When Leah went with me to Con, she was appalled to see young boys sneaking long glances at the folders they had open. I myself am a fan of pinup art, heck, I have my Ronny Vardy fansite. But I guess it’s like the famous metric for obscenity — “I know it when I see it.”

I missed this Matt Wagner title: Trinity.

A book that looks really interesting: Planet of the Apes as American Myth, I’m putting it on my Amazon Wishlist.

Another of the EXCELLENT seasonal oversized, Alex Ross illustrated DC Comics will be out this fall, Liberty and Justice.

Millenium Actress, a Japanese anime, looks interesting.

I know one of the guys involved in the company behind Comic Book: The Movie.

Haunted Mansion, the movie, comes out soon. The cool bag I got with its logo ripped during my move (awww), but all good things must come to an end.

And on an RT note: another staffing agency for Respiratory Therapists:

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