Ye Update

I’m still reading Quicksilver, and enjoying its excursion into 1600 and 1700s history. It’s illuminating and fascinating. I’m still only 150 pages in of the 900-some pages. I’m thinking of it as not cyberpunk, not steampunk, but rather, NaturalPhilosophyPunk.

In other news, in a month my divorce from Jennifer will be final. Time passeth..

This weekend Leah and I had a yard sale. We did awesome. Redistributing our non-useful and non-productive effects. We grossed $85 and had time with help from our friend Margot and some good weather. The balance of the stuff we took to Goodwill around the corner. We also had a visit from friends of Leah and their two kids. That was good fun. One cannot beat good company, really.

My ex-toaster oven was withheld from the sale, as it now has been seconded to the “kitchen” at my current employer. I hope it has many years of service.

I’m feeling good tonight. It was a good day, a productive day.

It’s a good life.

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