Installed Panther this morning. Under an hour to do the install. My job: click okay a few times, wonder if my old video cards in the G4 would work properly — my XClaim 3D Plus and Rage Orion seem to be working fine. I’m not taking advantage of Quartz Extreme with these old video cards though.

Expose is every bit as wonderful as the hype says it is. Even with my two monitors, things get cluttery. I can never quite see the desktop. Now, with Expose via keyboard shortcut or throwing my mouse pointer to a window cornerI can see everything I’m doing, or the desktop — fast. This will provide me, a web developer who tends to have multiple windows open all the time (terminal, text editor, image editor, ftp editor, database interface, web browser, filesystem browser) with a big productivity boost.

I’ve not installed Panther on my clamshell iBook yet, but I hope to, if it will cooperate.

This weekend Leah is seeing her kids up north. This leaves me and the computers. Definitely a caveman weekend.

On a physical note, I hurt my back a bit playing racquetball this morning. I’m taking ibuprofen and trying to take it easy. I think I need to stretch more diligently on Saturday playdays. We stretch before class on Tuesdays and I think to play my best I now need to do that. I certainly don’t want any back problems, and for a guy of my size that would be no fun.

Soon, hot bath.

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