Letters, we get letters

About washing glasses with your hands, Sassy writes:

Don’t ever wash drinking glasses with your hand. Beth was washing one and it shattered, slashing her hand open from her finger-web to the back of her knuckle. Severed tendon, 10 stitches and over 3 months before she had full use again.

When I worked in a restaurant one of the dishwashers broke a coffeepot while washing it with his hands. He had to go to the ER. He slashed the entire back of his hand from knuckle to wrist.

Get a sponge on a wand. They cost 99 cents.

Excellent justification for my dish-o-phobia! Thanks Sass!

And sheesh, I’m getting lots of positive feedback on Lab items.

About Changing the color of a form element when it’s blank (aka Pink Validation), a C.F. writes:

Thanks for the pinkvalidation example. It was just what I was looking for. I automatically generate forms with lots of default values in them, and I wanted to give visual feedback to the user of which fields have been changed before submitting the form

To which I reply, wonderful! Glad it was helpful!

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