So there’s lots of entirely serious things to blog about right now.

But that’s not what I’m going to do.

I have discovered, on local Cable Access: SHEMM.

Red velvet shirt. Semi-leather (glad plastic bag) black pants. Smeared red lipstick and caterpillar eyebrows. Practiced stage moves. He does his own choreography. He does his own catering.

He is SHEMM.

He has a website. Nobody has ever linked to it. (1 result on google)

I am linking to it now.

Leah and I saw it on cable access and were transfixed. “You lost by one point” is the song we listened to and saw him perform.

The presentation, I think is intended to make us think of grandest of singers.

SHEMM, is something else entirely.

You MUST listen to “You lost by one point” to understand why I am reacting so strongly.

It’s available via

Words fail me.

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