Keeping Score (WARNING: This gets a little grisly)

X - mouseX - mouse

Courtesy Catchmaster has a 100% Flash website, so none of it is in Google, but Here are the Catchmaster Glue Boards that did the trick.

(Here’s the grisly part)

He was still alive and terrified when I woke up. He was struggling, so I knew I had to act fast. My friend Meg emailed me about these, saying basically they’re not very humane, and that while struggling the animals tear their bodies apart. I wanted none of that. I quickly put the whole glue pad into a dark trash bag, and then another.

Then I went outside with it, and a big, flat bottomed bucket. I put the bag and enclosed mouse on the ground, placed the empty bucket flat-side down on the bag, and applied every bit of force I have (my not inestimable weight) and the deed was done.

(Here’s the philosophical part)

Leah asked me how I felt. Lots of feelings. If there is a capital “G” God, then this was one of his creations. If I’m at harmony with nature, this is a fellow creature. But the reality is I live in a home that I want to keep sanitary and clean for me and my girlfriend. That wonderful scenario does not include rodents coming around whenever we leave a crumb out. These “cute” mice, while being very sweet and cute, and perhaps pets in one context, are also carriers of disease. It’s my prerogative to not live with them if I so decide.

There are sometimes things people must do that are odious; these things should be done for a greater purpose. If the means are not justified by the purpose, then the odious thing should be dispensed with. In current political terms, I offer as an example the USA PATRIOT ACT, which takes away too many freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. It takes them away from too many people, for too little gain.

So how do I feel? I feel mixed about the whole thing. My adrenaline is pumping, I’ll tell you that.

Time to go to work.

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