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ArtLung: so i’ve been trimming away at – reformatting stuff, getting rid of dead directories
ArtLung: this morning i’m futzing along, killing little dev experiments
ArtLung: was doing rm -rv * in some dirs
ArtLung: *accidentally did it in my main directory*
ArtLung: DOH!
Sassbert: doheth
ArtLung: luckily, i had a dir with special permissions which caused it to prompt me before i killed anything public
ArtLung: ladies and gentlemen, the power of rm -r *
Sassbert: always be careful
ArtLung: i was being so careful, i would go down into the little dev directories
Sassbert: hehehe
ArtLung: seeing i had not left anything important
ArtLung: then cd –
ArtLung: and up in my history, and NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
ArtLung: maybe i should have a thinger to automagically remove any rm command from my .bash_history
Sassbert: maybe you should be more careful!!!
Sassbert: hhehehe
Sassbert: you could write a shell script to remove grep and remove rm from your history but that seems like a waste of time
ArtLung: *bows head*
ArtLung: “yes, i know”
ArtLung: *chastened*
Sassbert: hehhehe
Sassbert: you can do this though
Sassbert: alias rm to rm -i
Sassbert: then, it will always prompt you
ArtLung: make it interactive
ArtLung: yeah
ArtLung: that’s a good idea
Sassbert: it’s easy enough in your startup script
Sassbert: its probably a good idea
ArtLung: *adding to my to do list*

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