Last night we had a little party at Corvette Diner in Hillcrest in honor of Leah’s 33rd Birthday. That’s a change.

This year I myself will turn 34. That’s a change.

Tom‘s wife is pregnant. That’s a change.

Janece is pregnant, that’s a change too.

I have resigned my position with I enjoyed my time there, but I have new opportunities on the horizon. To call me “elated” does not do the change justice. It’s a change in emphasis that I look forward to with delight, fear, wonderment. I will have more information about the new venture as I get closer to it. Expect to hear lots about it here.

I’m chomping at the bit.

Corvette Diner is named after the car, which is in turn named after various species of warship. The small and nimble corvette is an appropriate image for the new ventures of the year. I am going to war!

The plan is for a Master’s in Five Years. I am claiming that spot out on the horizon five years hence for my Master’s degree, and it will be mine. I currently hold a modest Associate of Science degree in Respiratory Care. Next week I’ll be talking to a counselor about my options. They are legion.

It’s time to claim my place in academia, and sink or swim on my own merits. It is time to abandon the road of the pure autodidact and embrace the rigors (and pitfalls) of the academy.

Luckily, I am not alone in my battles. I see more than ever the strength to be gotten with proper shipmates. Foremost among my crew is Miss Leah Peterson, woman, artist, photographer, writer, mother, friend, housemate. We are currently engaged to be engaged to be married. We discuss it, but both realize that we would like to be better arranged financially and emotionally before doing something as powerful as marriage. Marriage is something both of us have done with mixed results. There was good out of both of our marriages, but also unhappiness. And we will seek to prepare ourselves thoroughly before entering into that sacred bond again. We are not babes in these woods. There be tygers.

But I am happy, enthusiastic, scared, emboldened. I am happy. My life is not perfect… what life is? … but I am ready to go…


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