Holding Pattern

I’m sitting in the East Village Coffee House, which is across the street from San Diego City College. On further inspection, I have 26 units of credit from 1987-1989 from the San Diego Community College District. Where these random credits which range from A to F put me, I have no idea. The F obviously don’t count, but the A in Broadcast Studio Operations and the B’s in Cinema as Art/Communication I, Introduction to Philosophy, Beginning Architectural Drafting, General Psychology, Introduction to Radio and Television may. So too may my C’s in Design, Cinema as Art/Comm II, and Principles of Marketing. Yuck.

I was a much different person in 1987-1989. Much less patience for things which I did not enjoy. Less tolerance for teachers who I might not agree with. And mostly, I was lazy and unwilling to work very hard for anything.

It’s funny, in High School and when I was first taking classes in Community College I used to hide my grades from my parents, forge signatures — nasty stuff. That kind of deception makes me cringe now. I have shame for that time, but I learned a lot from that. And I’m a much more open and honest person, particularly since my divorce.

Things are much different now.


So I’m waiting for the transfer office to open up at 10am (usually they open at 8am) — and we can take a looksee.

This is sort of fun.

Next week I begin a new gig in earnest. I’ve gotten… er… three notes asking me what it is. And I’ve complied. And some other friends and family know what’s up. So next week – even more newness!

Stay tuned… and… onward!

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