Had my meeting with a counselor

Summary: things good: likely candidates for Spring classes: Spanish, Statistics, Java Programming. So we’ll see. Oh, and more than half of my SDCCD credits transfer. My Virginia units will need to be assessed by SDCCD. I’ve been advised by Sassy to fight for those units hard.

Got lots of worksheets and requirements lists on my potential UCSD majors and on IGETC and TAG and am diving in. You know, Bioinformatics is looking much more interesting to me. It’s hard science, it’s programming. It could be really cool. The Cognitive Science/HCI degree also is entrancing and looks doable.

So, as Sassy has succinctly put it, I have a few goals to hit my 5 year goal of a Master’s degree. That’s a Master’s by 2009.

  1. Successful Application to UCSD
  2. Bachelor’s Degree at UCSD
  3. Successful Application for Master’s Degree
  4. Master’s Degree

To get step 1, I need to jump through hoops and get my units in a row for TAG and IGETC, and that includes getting my units to City from CHRV College of Health Sciences/Jefferson College of Health Sciences, getting those assessed… and, enroll for some classes for the Spring.

This is fun.

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