Scenes from Memorial Day Weekend

Friday night, Leah’s kids arrived for the weekend. In good spirits, nearly done with their semester at school.

We went to Mr. Frostie in PB for ice cream. It was lovely.

On Saturday:
Teaching racquetball to two of L’s kids: they did okay for kids aged 13 and 11. My Aunt was stuck in L.A. the night before and was unable to attend. Rather perfect timing.

Attending Super-Size Me with Leah and Kids at Landmark’s Hillcrest. SSM ranks among the best documentaries I’ve seen in the modern era. Crumb, Hoop Dreams, Roger & Me, Rivers & Tides are some I count in that number. Super-Size me has the distinction of causing McDonald’s to actually remove some of their menu items. It’s an eye-opening movie. I love McDonald’s official response to the movie.

After that we ate at JBX — Jack in the Box’s “concept store” — I couldn’t eat after having seen SSM. I nibbled at the little tomatoes that came on Leah’s salad.

Shopping for some appropriate church-style shirts for the boys. Randomly saw a guy whose name I don’t know from my Statistics class. He was proud of his “A” – and I am satisfied with my “B.”

On Sunday:
Unsuccessful attempt to attend Sacrament meeting at a local LDS Stake Center.

Entirely wonderful and spiritually uplifting attendance at the Catholic Church around the block from us. Very impressive church. Energetic, community, and alive. We are sure to return there, but their only mass in English is 9am Sunday. Still, a winner.

Then: Great breakfast – eggs, potatoes, toast, and good humor. Everyone contributed.

La Jolla Shores: Maddening parking and traffic situation did not lessen a wonderful swim out to a 1/8th mile bouy and some tasty bodysurfing by yours truly. Also, walked perhaps half-a mile to take care of the parking situation. My walking practice these past years came in handy.

On Monday:
An abbreviated Kobey’s Swap Meet. No purchases made. What’s the deal with the San Diego Sports Arena allowing them to take up more land from the parking lot with a Chili’s, a gas station, and the already-there Krispy Kreme? Was it not painful enough to park for Sports Arena events already? The SA is famous (here in San Diego) for its hideous acoustics.

Memorial Day barbecue at my Aunt & Uncle’s in Santee. Ping pong, etc. Family is a blessing.

A long drive home for Leah &amp the kids. And an even longer drive for Leah to return.

Now, puttering around the house as I await Leah’s return. The Great Escape plays on TCM as I blog.

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