I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately. I have some habits in my interpersonal relationships that are not very good. I have some passive-aggressive tendencies that take real skill to work on. I also have a tendency to self-criticism that verges on the toxic. I’m working this out in therapy, which I’m in again after a long (many months) absence.

I also have a cold right now — nasal drip and backache. Ugh.

Lessee. What else. Working on San Diego Blog has been a blast. If I could, I’d make that my fulltime job.

The other day I was offered $75 to put an ad on artlung.com for six months. I almost did it. There’s revenue in them thar hills. But linking for the sake of garnering pagerank is nothing I want to get involved in. And Artlung.com is not for ads to other sites. That’s what I’m doing with my other sites, or at least trying to to. Care to advertise on San Diego Blog? Contact me.

Leah is well, looking for work. Interviewing like a madwoman. We have her kids this week; that should be fun. I’m appreciating lately that I’m cultivating some parenting skills. I have a ways to go. Hmm. It feels like I’ve written that before.

Strangely, nobody has inquired about my comics except my ex-wife. I really would like to sell the things.

It’s Saturday night. Today hung out in Simi Valley with Leah and the kids. Strange to be so close to the Reagan stuff — the 118 freeway is even called “Ronald Reagan Freeway.”

Am I even making any sense? I think I should probably get to bed. Hit the hay.

Oh, I’m reading Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom right now. It’s pretty good.

And that, dear reader, is all the news that fits for tonight. I hope to write with a more chipper air when this cold is through. But for now, yellow-tinged mucous!

Onward y’all.

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