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Hoo boy. San Diego Blog has had a whole lotsa work on it done recently. I’m blogging up a storm over there. Some posts:

are a few.

The site was upgraded to WordPress a few weeks ago. And the design has been significantly upgraded. The new logo is actually a remembrance of the old “Citizen’s Western Bank” logo. I worked there when I was in my teens. My Mom did too. (How do you think I got the job?) I can’t find much in the way of references to the logo, and I’m not sure who holds the copyright to it, but it’s a great graphic – with concentric lines of sun, and outlines of sailboats. It’s iconic. I like it.

I’ve agonized about the sidebar for a while – working and reworking it with different looks and feels. Watermark, no watermark. Grey, blue, purple. I think I’m done futzing with it.

I’m also working on an Ad rotation system for selling ads on the site. Interested in advertising? Contact me. So, that’s coming soon. I’ve also added a badge to the site to track hits with SiteMeter. The stats are not bad so far. Average visitors: 160 per day. Average page views: 306.

In the header to the site, you’ll note the word “daily” – how do I maintain that? Well, with WordPress, I can post in advance. As a matter of fact I have posts queued up for the weekend and Monday. It’s kind of cool to keep to a schedule. And the bonus is there are other authors who post when it suits their fancy.

Yeah, I’ve not posted on a personal basis in a while. Stay tuned, thanks!

And, onward!

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