21 Rules of Thumb: How Microsoft develops its Software

This is worth a read: The rules of thumb

  • Don’t know what you don’t know.
  • Get to a known state and stay there.
  • Remember the triangle.
  • Don’t go dark.
  • Use zero defect (ZD) milestones.
  • Beware of a guy in a room.
  • Never trade a bad date for an equally bad date
  • When slipping, don’t fall.
  • Low tech is good.
  • Design time at design time.
  • If you build it, it will ship.
  • Portability is for canoes.
  • Enrapture the customers.
  • Remember one thing: Unity.
  • State your theme.
  • Vary it.
  • Balance it.
  • Evolve it.
  • Your product should be a hierarchy.
  • Establish a shared vision.
  • Get the team into ship mode.

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