I’ve been featured on 3-Blogs A Day

And what a lovely write-up — 3-Blogs A Day: 1 part green + 2 parts ArtLung, add a dash of Dalton — stir and serve chilled over HTTP://:

“ArtLung:Blog: ArtLung, along with blogger Joe Crawford’s website, has to be one of the largest and most extensive personal websites I have ever been privy to. Boasting more than 250 pages of various topics you could spend days sifting through his site. However what we are talking about here is his blog. With posts ranging from various tech bits, to news stories (mostly California news as that is where he resides), to crazy stream of consciousness nonsense it makes for fairly interesting reading. Being a Web designer his layout is clean and crisp with sidebars containing the usual amount of links. Even more interesting is the story of how he went from being a respiratory care specialist to currently handling sales, marketing, & communications for a web hosting company. Not exactly an easy transition to make if you ask me. That’s like an actor trying to be a politician or someth–oh nevermind, bad joke. I really liked this site, and reading about how Joe got to wear he is. Quite the inspiration for a fella like myself, keep up the good work man. Powered By: Blogger

Thanks for writing, SmmFryGuy!

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