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So I have been blogging for some time now.

And yet I have not blogged in some time now.

Leah points out that in writing over here, I’m writing much less here.

And that’s definitely true.

So what’s new?

It might be easier to ask — what is *not* new. What’s new is yes, I have been blogging up a storm on San Diego Blog. I really enjoy the discipline of having to get posts ready for each and every day. I set a post time of about 5am every day – and there’s something up. I really enjoy it. I have even had a teeny tiny less-than-one-could-live-on amount of advertising revenue (well, from that, from the lab, and from archives of this blog. It’s an experiment, really. If I could have my druthers professionally, I’d make my money by writing/editing websites, be working on my Bachelor’s and Master’s. Sadly, that’s not particularly in the cards right now, but I’m working on it.

On another note, Leah was looking for work toward L.A. — but it didn’t work out — still, the likelihood is that we’re moving towards L.A. in the future. For those of you wondering — “how can you be Mr. San Diego and move to L.A.?” — well, maybe I’m Mr. Southern California? Working out of my home, it matters less and less where I live. And there are a multitude of couches I can sleep in in San Diego so I can still keep my hand here in the ‘Dago.

On another note: my parents and sister are in town. It’s been really wonderful having them here, despite me and Leah mostly just working last week. This week should be more familial. I’m having a good time.

There’s more I suppose — I want to do some laundry and cleaning — we’re having my folks and sister and her boyfriend over this week — and the house is an absolute mess.

Also doing work in counseling on some things. Lots going on. I think this process of me becoming myself has been a long time developing. At some point after my ex left I was destroyed and remade myself. At some point I thought I was more or less done. But I’m finding that’s not the way it is at all.

How it is actually is that I’m in a continual process of destroying and remaking myself and aspects of myself. It reminds me of the movie Life as a House — a metaphor for life (well, obviously) — but whose theme is how we have to live in our life, and to live, sometimes we build things up that don’t last, and we must be willing to confront those things, rebuild, change, and modify ourselves to be healthy.

Yeah, this felt good. It’s been too long since I blogged personally. I’m more convinced than ever that blogging is good for me.

Hey! I almost forgot…. ONWARD.

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