Let’s look at some headers!

For some time I’ve been making headers for this site. Tonight I redesigned that page to include thumbnails for the individual headers. I strive to make some kind of artistic something with these. I sometimes succeed. Looking back, there are some really nice ones.

I made these thumbnails with webkit2png – an awesome command line tool for taking screenshots with Safari. So here are some favorites: Here’s a dark one, based on some photos taken in Coronado by Leah – during a rainstorm:
Two of my favorites are holiday related:
2003-12-04 2001-12-24
And another one based on Leah‘s photography. Taken in front of the South Park sign, it’s probably the one the most people sent me mail on. People can be very complimentary.
Here’s one from when the fires were happening:
This one is very pretty, taken at the flower fields in Carlsbad:
Here’s a before/after from my haircut during the Summer of 2000:
2000-01-14 2000-09-12
This one is the largest, with a big old photo of me, again by Leah
In this one, my head GLOWS!
I like this one, kind of a “nude descending the staircase” / multiverse version of me – I took that one at the Gaslamp trolley stop:
In this one from 2001 I asked “I wonder if anyone is reading this” — a few people were.
And here’s where I got a little political about the War on Terror:
And in this one I say: “Onward”:

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