Shocker Toys Responds to ArtLung Dismissal

Back on July 27th I made a comment about Shockinis, to whit:

Shocker Toys: Shockinis appears to be the copycat of another toy — Stikfas — generic toys you can customize into any kind of figure you want.

Geoff Beckett, from ShockerToys, responded via my feeback form just a few days later (yes, people use the feedback page):

I found an error:
“Shocker Toys: Shockinis appears to be the copycat of another toy — Stikfas — generic toys you can customize into any kind of figure you want.”

This we are not! please do not post crap saying we are copying off other product lines. We are a totally different toy then [sic] them!

I invited Geoff to answer a mini-interview (I like doing interviews lately). Here is that mini-interview with Geoff Beckett: 1. What are Shockinis?

Shockinis are a 3 1/4 inch tall mini customizable pre-assembled block figure.

2. What makes Shockinis unique?

The thing that makes the Shockinis unique is that they actually are a block figure. Most companies say they are block figures but have a lot of round parts. We are a true block figure form. Also the ball joints are different on our figures we restricted a small amount of movement so that the limbs don’t fall apart like some others. We use Hinge ball joints “thats a hinge that has two small ball joints in it instead of a pin”. The other figure you say we resemble uses all ball joints no hinge joints of any kind. The Shockinis are not made of ABS but a soft but durable plastic which allows for sanding, carving and takes paint very well. Our Shockinis are also a bit more filled out so you have more to work with, again they are a block figure not a stick figure. Along with the customizable version we use the Shockini body for little licensed robots as well, and we are in the process of making the Shockini into a few comic characters also.

3. Did your product come out before or after Stikfas?

I developed my product with no prior knowledge of the stikfas. I found out about them after I had already sent my stuff to be manufactured. The stikfas did come first but are going of a patent for a stick action figure created in 1930. So the figure created in 1930 is the first it was called Crazy Ikes.

4. How is your product better than Stikfas?

Really there is no one better then the other these two products are the only two on the market and they are different. Which is better an apple or an orange ask different people you will get different answers. There is no other customizable action figures. The two products are better in different ways according to users. Some like ours better because its a softer plastic and some like ours better because its pre-assembled. But I’m sure there are reasons why people like stikfas as well better than our product.

He follows up with:

Our product is the same concept of customizing by the end user but not the same look or feel. In the end you can customize both products they are a blank canvas. But when you first open them they are completely different products.

Geoff Beckett
Shocker Toys LLP

I would like to thank Geoff for answering these questions and clarifying how he sees his product.

I wonder if Stikfas will send me a note next.

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