Strange Days

This website is once again undergoing revisions. I have modified the Stew/The Negro Problem pages, as well as the Voltes 5 pages.

Also, if you’re reading this blog you probably have noticed that the design is changing. The many many sidebar links to pals, friends, colleagues, news sources, and the like have been moved to the dedicated Links page, to accompany the Semidaily Links. I’m trying to focus on simplifying things a bit.

For a long time I’ve just added and added to this site, without regard to how things fit together. This site has so many pages, and so many that people have no idea existed. I think I need to focus on what I want people to learn about me and do. For example, do I want people think I’m a cool guy? Do I want them to hire me for something? Do I want them to put me on the radio? Just why do I have this personal website?

I mean, I know that for San Diego Blog is there for a reason. I initially thought it was just something that needed to exist. But now I think I understand better the rationale for the site. I want to provide an interesting and useful alternative voice for San Diego, and I would like it to generate revenue. This focus has allowed me to design and edit to that task. It’s not been particularly successful, but those who read the site find it entertaining, and we provide useful information to people who visit from search engines. Also, readership is increasing, and participation from the stable of writers is really great. It’s a grand experiment in metroblogging — though I started it before I had ever heard that word.

So tomorrrow I start a new part time gig with some old friends. I expect it will be simple work. I’m seeking more of that — as school starts next week, and I pray that will go well. What I need right now to meet my goals is steady, non-commission based cashflow,that also does not interfere with schoolwork. I also want it to be short-term, because after this next semester, Leah and I intend to migrate north, to be closer to her kids.

Leah has been writing on her blog about my proposals. In truth, I’m scared to death of marriage. That is why, in fact, Leah and I attend pre-marital counseling, and have done so for several weeks. It’s been very useful to me, to explore my own hangups and fears. Some of you started reading me when my previous marriage was imploding. The pain of that was huge, and terrible.

I’m gunshy precisely because I know how much losing that partnership is. I’m also gunshy because I wonder if I have moved too quickly in this relationship. But in truth, the synchrony Leah and I have is remarkable and wonderful. We’re an excellent team, even when we disagree, and I am in a place where I can be open to her in a way that I’ve never been open to anyone, ever, before. I love her.

So, I suppose at this point I should hit the hay. I have work to do tomorrow.

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