Joel on Software: the book! the interview! the dessert topping!

A few weeks ago I got an email from the people doing promotions of Joel Spolsky‘s new book — they wanted to send me a free copy since I’ve linked to Joel so many times over the years. Hey, I like free stuff. I suppose this is what’s called a “review copy.” Well, I’m happy to have a copy I can cart around and read in the tub — as opposed to his site, which I can’t really read in the bathtub.

The book is conveniently titled Joel On Software, after his site, Joel on Software. It’s great stuff about software engineering, how to write documentation, and more. It’s particularly apropos right now because it ties into the Technical Writing class I’m taking at City College.

I also am happy to see The Joel Test in print. It’s been quite a while since I originally read it. Perhaps I should make some copies of that one to send to some of my friends.

Well, yesterday I downloaded and listened to this interview with Joel on IT Conversations. More good food for thought. I particularly like the part where they talk about how FogBUGZ is built in VBScript and they paid an intern to write a VBScript compiler that could spit out PHP. So when they update the VBScript, they can “emit” (I have never heard that verb with regards to software development) a web based version whenever they want it. Really cool stuff. I sense that Joel is the kind of developer I would love to buy a beer. I bet he’s got great war stories.

Anyway, go buy his book man! Totally worth a read.

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