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The entrails of my self are all over the place right now.

My mother comes Friday — she’s going to a reunion this weekend and staying with Leah and me. We’re in a bit of disarray right now, so we have a bit more cleaning to do.

Counseling today went well. Learning so much it makes me cry. A lot of work is happening, man. Work is hard.

Technical Writing class good. I’m in a group and we’re writing a manual about the Library at City College.

C++ is good – – though not as OO oriented as I might have hoped. Still, “call-by-reference” made my head hurt the other night in class.

Spanish is Spanish. Working on Past tense and lots of busy, er… practice work.

The part time job is exactly what I hoped it would be. When I’m not there, I don’t worry about it. Which is precisely the kind of job a boy like me needs.

Quote of the day: Don’t be a “guy” — be a “man” — anyone can be a “guy” — from …say anything.

I make mistakes. Lots of them. Supposedly this helps me learn. Why’s it got to be so hard? Phew.

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(Tuesday September 28th 2004 at 10:57pm)

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