Follow Your Weird:November 2004

Things I have Not Blogged About Before

I really liked the movie Ray. What an American story!

Thomas P M Barnett is a great thinker about geopolitics.

Bruce Schneier is a great thinker about security.

Mark Cuban is a raucous thinker about business.

Pre-marital aka couples counseling was a great experience for Leah and I.

Want to listen to some great authors talk? Wired For Books has the hookup. [via]

I intend at some point to purchase Tony Pierce‘s book, How to Blog.

Want to listen to some Stew for free? KCRW has the hookup.

Speaking of cool stuff to listen to — if you’re into technology, you could do worse than IT Conversations, despite the fact that some of the regulars (I’m looking at you, Gillmor Gang!) are too obsessed with blogging and podcasting and RSS and Dave Winer. But the tech gossip is good. It’s where I first heard Thomas Barnett.

Leah has paintings for sale. We can keep them with us, but maybe they’d like to go to good homes?

Those who chortled at the death of Yassir Arafat make me cringe. The man was a human being.

Kynn has totally changed his life around. Made the transition from homeowner to RV-owner.

Matt Haughey, the fellow who first told me I should be blogging, will be a father. That is so cool.

School is both easier than I remember and harder than I remember. Time management remains the bane of my existence.

Everytime I hear Richard Ben Cramer speak about his book How Israel Lost, it makes me want to read the book more. I think this interview on npr with Cramer highlights what’s funny and sad about the whole conflict. I think that conflict, particularly the history of Lebanon, holds lessons for us about Iraq.

I love the card game Mao — which I’ve rediscovered after years of un-use. I intend to put the rules up on this site at some point.

I’m delighted that if you google for bruce sterling art center I’m the first site. I look forward to some public speeches and maybe seminars I can wiggle my way into.

I still like reading Bruce Sterling and William Gibson, and now they have blogs, both of them: Bruce and Bill.

I think that’s good for now. Have a great day y’all!

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