Follow Your Weird:November 2004 Audio and Instant Music

I’ve talked about my old Amiga 1000 before, and I’m talking about it again now. It was a great computer for its time. One of the great parts of it was the software.

There was an awesome music-making software called Instant Music for the Amiga which allowed one to compose music as easily as one can draw with a mouse, in color. Different colors represented different instruments, and the timeline ticked along. Not unlike how GarageBand works. The screen looked a bit like this, though this is a screenshot from the Apple IIgs:

I found this blog post which talks about the similarities between ACID, GarageBand, and Instant Music.

Well, a few weeks ago I uploaded two songs I made in my teens with Instant Music. They are being made avaiilable on the Internet Archive: Audio Section with Creative Commons licenses.

So here’s the actual downloads to the songs, for your quizzical listening “pleasure.”

(If anyone has a reader for the Instant Music let me know, I have files I want to decode.)

Instant Music Composition 1

Instant Music Composition 2

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