Follow Your Weird:November 2004

Sunday Night Random

Good, if busy day today. Multiple projects on multiple fronts.

My folks left this morning (early!) for Virginia.

It was great to see them, even if briefly.

The party for the 60th Anniversary for my Grandparents was awesome. Poker til late. I lost money but had fun.

Poker game names are bewildering. So much to learn for a novice (which I am not, but this does not prevent me losing). Texas Hold ‘Em (of course, what with the fad for it on TV); Baseball, Change-The-Daiper; Low Hold Card Wild; Stud Poker: 7 card stud, 5 card stuf; Spit in the Ocean; Lowball; and many others.

School, the last week of it, is this week. I’ll be ready for it soon enough.

I’m actually doing some Flash work these days, er, yesterday. I’m coming back to it pretty well.

Also I’m exercising my ASP skillz lately. Yes, for skrillz.

My favorite Frank Zappa song is “The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution” — manic instrumental.

It was foggy last night, but not too cold. We got home late.

Electric blankets are awesome.

It’s cold again tonight.

Had some fun working and visiting and stuff with a good friend today. Excellent to combine work and play, sometimes.

Don’t be afraid of bologna.

Hot carrots are tasty and hot. And carrots.

Be well.

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