Follow Your Weird:November 2004

Why a website?

I’ve been slowly migrating content from the smorgasborg to either the blog or to /dev/null. I’ll let handle maintaining all these little crappy bits. Really though, the smorgasborg was a bit of a blog. I just kept adding, and it was random. It was a little like a memepool, but I didn’t keep it up or format it as a blog.

Anyway, here’s the latest item to be killed from the blog, and moved here.

Why a website?
1. Customer support
2. Extension of companies current advertising
3. Name recognition
4. Customer feedback
5. News (Keeps clients up to date)

This was originally posted April 13, 1999. Still applies now.

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You forgot one:

6. To sell stuff and make giant piles of cash to roll around in

Very 90’s, I know. It’s several steps shorter than the formula by the underpants gnomes on South Park:
Step 1: Collect underpants.
Step 2: …
Step 3: Profit!

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