Married & Moving & Seeking Employment:January 2005

Address The Chair

We have a new address, very nearly. It’s in Simi Valley.

I am sore and hurting from moving.

The storage space we have we are nearly out of. We just have a few books, some paintings with glass, and a cat tree in there now. radness.

The new house is nearly ready for us. We’ll be staying there regular when we do some more cleaning and the previous tenant is 100% out of the house (he still has some crap in the garage and a closet).

We have a yard! Nice one too.

Area is good for walking. Very scenic.

Good space for office, for kids, for books, for parties.

It’s on a cul-de-sac. Bonus!

It’s a few minutes from the Reagan Presidential Library. Come visit and enjoy the Gipper too!

We still need a fridge. Next week. We are budgeting ourselves, and coolers work for a while.

Dev, my stepson, can play Tetris with boxes in a moving like nobody’s business. He earned the TI-82 Plus calculator which was the prize he’s been looking for.

My boys enjoyed watching the old TV version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy very much. They were hypnotized by it, despite the BBC erudite feel of the thing.

It was a good but hard weekend. More to come too.

That’s the update.

Did I mention that I’m sore? I still am.

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Congrats on the new place. Ellison and I went without a fridge for about a month, and it sucked. A couple recommendations would be Craiglist if you’re looking to buy, or Azuma Leasing if you’re just looking to rent something temporarily. We went with the lease because we knew we wouldn’t want to carry that thing around LA with us when we moved.

Welcome to Simi… It’s a great place to live.

I grew up in Simi, traveled while in the Army and came back to raise my family (We live on the west end of Simi too)…

Again, welcome to the neighborhood.

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