Married & Moving & Seeking Employment:January 2005

I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences.


Good weekend, tiring though.

My feet hurt. Right pinkie toe was stubbed and had a chunk rip out on the murphy bed in the apartment which we are completely out of now.

This morning I pulled the last items out of the storage where our stuff was.

This house is nice. Big. We have a lawn.

Made toast for Leah this morning. Shelled some hard boiled eggs too. We shared.

Bas (our cat) is here for a week while we make arrangements for his transport to Virginia. He loves having a house to run around in. A little too much. At 3am he was running up and down the stairs and waking up Leah. He’ll chill out.

Our landlord has Koi, so even though he’s against pets for us, he’s cutting us some slack for a week. We like him more and more with every interaction.

Kitchen half contact-papered. Still messy, but cleaner messy.

The kids have rooms! They have two homes now. For real. That’s awesome.

Leah commuted to work this morning. Got there not too slow from the email I just recieved. Leah is a wonderful partner and I hope to be as much a partner to her as she is to me. I love her so much.

Did I mention I love having my music back? Yesterday it was Mazzy Star and Beck. Nice.

8:30am. I start working at 9am.

I even did some programming over the weekend on a client of Leah’s and mine. Old school ASP/MS Access work. Dude: Server.HTMLEncode() does not work on a null returned in a RecordSet object. Check for a null using isNull() first.

We have a lot of paintings and pictures. We need to put some up, and soon. These walls are way to bare right now.

The cat is walking on me now.

Just changed the title of this entry. Web405 is talking about culture, and Cole Porter. American culture is a vast sky and has some pretty bright stars in it.

Okay, I’m gonna do some kitchen stuff before work. Later taters.


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