Married,moved,and getting it together.

Mourning Root Teen

What a peculiar pun that is.

Today was the early morning for Leah and I. She starts early, and leaves early, and we have the kids in the evenings. Since I am working from home I pick them up, and by the time I’ve wrangled (which makes me sound like a shepherd) all four, she’s home and we have our evening.

My hair feels great right now! Much shorter, off my ears. I woke up with a “Faux-hawk” and felt silly about it.

I have a full beard. It’s just at the stage where Leah says it feels nice. Sadly, on my “to-do” list is shaving the darn thing off.

I was pretty pleased with the idea of having really short hair and a big bushy beard, but it’s overrated.

Besides, oatmeal gets stuck in the beard.

This morning I only made one piece of toast to go with the oatmeal and the darn thing burned! I think the toaster wants two pieces of bread to toast. Possibly the sensor/element is tuned to the side there was no bread on. Anyway, Leah digs overdone toast, so I scraped off the black with a knife and she was good to go.

I want to remember to show Dev the “Schnappi Schnappi” song this afternoon. He’s loving the German language, and that bit of culture is pretty cool.

Okay, time to work kiddies.

Take care o’ yourselves!

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