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Monday Schmonday2005May02

It was a productive weekend.

Let’s see: working on a freelance project (a private blog of all things!) that is entirely home grown in ASP. Had some isssues with the reliability of the host‘s email last week though. Stupid Windows mail queues and SMTP services. Shoulda been PHP.

Finally got to the post office yesterday. Mailed off some comics for sale. One an ACME Novelty Library. One a Peanuts comic from the 1960s. Pretty awesome sales.

Have I mentioned that I have comics for sale? I do.

This morning sort of burned the breakfast (egg and toast and banana) for Leah and I.

Learned about our sprinklers on Saturday. Leah worked up a storm as well, and we now have a lawnmower.

What else? Two kid’s baseball games on Saturday, that was pretty cool.

Last Friday saw Sin City – graphically amazing, but too violent and graphic. Leah walked out and saw A Lot Like Love (I think that’s the title). Worked out okay, but I wish there was something we could have seen together.

Saturday night was a cool Birthday Party in Santa Monica for a friend of ours. Buca di Beppo. Always a tasty and filling place to eat.

My workday is about to begin.

Is today the day for me to shave this full beard? Perhaps it is. Perhaps it is.

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Glad you guys could make it! It was fun hanging out!

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