Married,moved,and getting it together.


Morgen is Dev’s default greeting in — basically short for “Guten Morgen” in German. Kinda funny. Reminds me a bit of the kid from Breaking Away. He spent several of the first years of his life in Germany so it’s a part of his identity.

Let’s see. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and additionally my Mom’s Birthday. That’s pretty cool. I have a pile of stuff to send her for various combined missed holidays. Yikes!

We have the kids this weekend. Shh… — we’re going to try and do something nice for Leah. Can’t tell you what, because Leah may read this before tomorrrow.

Breakfast was good. I made oatmeal for the crew. I’m thinking I could enjoy the househusband thing. I suppose this is not a particularly masculine thing to admit, but it’s quite true. I have plenty of online projects to keep me busy, and working from home suits me at this stage in my life. Also, college is close, which is nice. The critical question is balancing all these things in a way that makes mental health, financial, and spiritual sense, right?

Hey, music. Right now my Police stuff is playing on the iTunes box. I think I want to play some Smiths next. The lyrics I woke up with were:

Burn down the disco
Hang the blessed DJ
Because the music that they constantly play
*It says nothing to me about my life*
Hang the blessed DJ

I think that’s the key line in the song for me. “It says nothing to me about my life” – Music really needs to do speak to you, you know? It has to say something. So much pop music is really piffle. I enjoy myself some piffle sometimes, but not always.

Have a great day, and to all you Mom’s out there, or to those of you who are like Mom’s to someone… Happy Mother’s Day!

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