Married,moved,and getting it together.

Requiem for Tuesday

Today was an odd mix.

I awoke to an odd sound – it sounded like a knock at the door – and I was a bit _off_ all day since then. Work was fine — a mix of HTML, graphics, JavaScript, and even a bit of Flash. I had a PB&J for lunch. After work I got groceries — including wonderful items such as a jar of jalapeños, pinto beans, and soy milk. I also picked up some basketball inflation nipples. We have two basketballs and a football that need inflating. _Now in which of the boxes in the garage is the bicycle pump?_

I’m feeling a bit funky. I think I’m tired. There’s also a nagging feeling that I’m missing something. I think I need to get back to counseling. I wonder if I can find a good one. I’ve got good stuff going on two cylinders — but I think I need a tune up. The key thing is to take care of _me_. I’ve taken the time to take care of the house and the home and work things to the best of my ability — but I think I need to do more to figure out what my own short and long term goals are. Signing up for school and getting into the local Library (thanks Greg for the comment, by the way — I’m impressed by the library as well — I already have some things coming from the Camarillo Library!) is a big part of getting that done. We’ve been so busy what with the move and the seemingly endless process of unpacking boxes and creating a home — I need to remember to do those things that contribute to my own mental health. Some biggies that have been missing: exercise (swimming and racquetball in particular), working on my own projects, and reading.

This week I intend to take some photos in the house to share here publicly. With luck we’ll help you guys get a mental picture of our environment and whatnot.

It’s nearly time for bed. And hey, when was the last time I wrote…


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