Married,moved,and getting it together.

Twas The Night Before…

The following are some notes I took last year on Christmas Day. I guess this may turn into a longer narrative about our wedding. We'll see. Until then, these cryptic notes will have to do. Some comments from now are in italics.
It’s now December 25th. I’m writing this in the living room of my new in-laws. Leah, I and the kids are having a wonderful time.
New Name: JARC: Joseph Arthur Roberts Crawford still have not done this
4 New Stepchildren. Wow! yeah, my reaction is still "WOW"
I’m now an uncle.
I’m now a great-uncle.
Drive: intended to leave
Some recaps:
20 December 05:

  • New clothes for the kids we got the kids some new clothes for the event

21 December 05:

  • Resize Ring yes, the ring I initially bought did not quite fit
  • Intended to leave by 9am
  • Left by 1:30 p.m love that
  • On the road I actually did some <a href=” ”>audioblogging here</a>
  • Arrive in Vegas at 8:05 p.m.
  • License at the Marriage Bureau of Clark County the line was not too long
  • Kids stay with the cars
  • Comment about the long hair in my driver’s license my license has an old old picture, like 10 years old. In it, I have long hair and a beard

23 December 05:

  • Luau & Christmas Singing with the Family words cannot describe

24 December 05:

  • Honey’s Jubilee: Central Mart dude, small towns!
  • Dollar Store run
  • Santa Duties

25 December 05:

  • Brother-in-Law passes kidney stones in the middle of the night OUCH!
  • Turkey dinner
  • Scriptures

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