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Dear Lazyweb, help me with PSP games!2005Jun22

Dear Lazyweb,

I know I’ve never asked anything of you. But my stepson, Tony (11 years old) just got the gift of a PSP (Playstation Portable, and if I have to tell you that I don’t think you can help me) for his birthday from his bioDad.

Said bioDad is having a hard time finding anything but “mature” games for the PSP.

Any ideas for kid-friendly games for the PSP? Up to “T for Teens” would be awesome. “M for Mature” is a no-no for him at this point.

Any other ideas for cool stuff for the PSP are welcome too. I know it can do more than just games, no?

Suggestions of games or trustworthy sites to do research on would be most welcome. I’m videogame illiterate. Though at the laundromat the other night I got the high score on Ms. Pac Man.

Wow that makes me feel old. Ms. Pac Man was pretty cool TWENTY-FIVE years ago.

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