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Sunglasses Girl with Sweater, 1989

Another one of a girl. Again, slightly punky hair.

I like the cross-hatching on the sweater.

Funny that I never know, as I look through old drawings, what will catch my eye to post. I think I’m trying to post things that look “finished” somehow.

Have you noticed all these “drawings” are in pen? Yes, most were done with a Micron Pigma or similar fine/very fine black felt pens with sharp points.

I feel like I “discovered” the Micron Pigma in Little Tokyo (in downtown Los Angeles) in one of the small shops there. It was relatively cheap, made a great line, and seemed so exotic. Now they’re much easier to find, thankfully.

I remember being obsessed with finding the right pen back then. Like, the key to being a good artist or cartoonist was to get the right pen.

A naive view.

Do what you can with what you have.

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What else did he post in June 2005?

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